Irradiation (Total Lymphoid)

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Total lymphoid irradiation refers to the irradiation of all the parts of the body that contain lymphoid tissue. This includes the spleen and thymus. Irradiation is a type of therapy whereby radiation is applied to various parts of the body. This type targets lymphoid tissue, which contain lymphocytes such as T cells and B cells. The purpose of lymphoid tissue is to recognize foreign objects or antigens and to be involved in the activation of the immune system.


[edit] Total Lymphoid Irradiation and MS

  • This therapy has been used successfully in the treatment of other diseases, but has not yet been proven to work for people with MS.
  • It is an experimental therapy and should only be used when all other treatment options have failed.
  • Those who have a very progressive course of the disease generally use this therapy.

[edit] Studies

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[edit] ASK MS Articles

  • Effect of Brain Irradiation on Demyelinating Lesions 1.2.L
  • Release on Radiation Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis
  • Total Lymphoid Irradiation in Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

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